Day of the Dead

 Los dias de los muertos or Noche de los Muertos or el Dia de Difuntos, as celebrated throughout Latin America, is a celebration of death, a festival of communion between the living and the dead. Preparation includes making offerings and decorating gravesites. This is all in preparation for the souls' return to their homes and the family reunions. 

The festivities begin October 27 with the return of those souls without homes or survivors to visit. October 28 those souls who were victim to murder, violence, or accident return. October 31 brings home the souls of dead children. On November 1 adult souls arrive and by November 2 the festivities have come to an end and all souls have departed. 

In Latin America, as in all societies, death is an emotional and very difficult aspect of life; still, the people deal with it in a very unique manner stemming from their religious and cultural roots. They remember their passed loved ones, celebrate their lives and deaths, and mock death itself. Figurines depicting people from all walks of life as skeletons are a traditional example of this mockery. 

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  1. I love Dia de Los Muertos! I think it is so much healthier than what Halloween has become... I cringe every year as everything becomes blood and gore. Day of the Dead is about embracing life in all of its glory, both as it is now and in the afterlife. Nice post honoring it!

  2. "Day of the Dead is about embracing life in all of its glory, both as it is now and in the afterlife" - Very well said Rachel! Thank you!