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Our mission is to offer indigenous, handmade handicrafts and textiles from the corners of the world. Little Mango Imports maintains its core values of fair business, cultural respect, tradition and community, quality merchandise, and exceptional customer service. 

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Whitney Taylor
A youth of travel and adventure instilled in Whitney a love for all things foreign: rich colors, smells and textures, art and exploration. While in college Whitney followed in her parents' footsteps, opening Little Mango Imports in 2005. She is also the head downhill ski racing coach for Nederland High School (Go Panthers!) and works for Happy Mango Beads (so please excuse her if she mistakenly signs an e-mail Happy Mango instead of Little Mango!). Whitney is a CrossFit enthusiast and an avid martial artist with over 18 years of training in traditional Japanese karate and weaponry.

Our marketing guru and Whitney's older sister, Samantha helps out in the warehouse and is our go-to person for creative, fun and fresh ideas. If you follow us on Twitter you have undoubtedly met Samantha.

John manages to get roped into all the not-so-fun tasks: measuring fabric, crunching numbers, and essentially providing muscle for Little Mango Imports. Whitney and John are currently working to open a small, nano brewery in Berthoud, CO: City Star Brewing.

John's six year old son likes to help out: fetch invoices from the printer, attempt to juggle with hackysack balls, remove loose threads from molas... that sort of thing. He considers Whitney's occupation to be "Seller Girl" and aspires to be a "Seller Boy" himself when he grows up.

Travel Companions
This is a tough job! Here's a little recognition to everyone who's accompanied Whitney continent to continent: Emily, Dan, Rudi, John, Amber, Sharlene, Carole, Heather, Drew, Avery and Haley.... you are ALL mangoes.

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