Yo-Yo Necklace ~ Guatemalan Fabric!

You can’t Walk the Dog or execute the Sleeper trick with these yo-yos, but you can still impress your friends. I made my first yo-yo necklace (pictured below) last summer, using Guatemalan Fabric! It complimented my brown summer dress fabulously, and that’s not just my opinion…honest.  A bold statement around my neck, my necklace was large and loud but definitely loved.

Make your own Yo-Yo Necklace – Tutorial: http://hideousdreadfulstinky.blogspot.com/
  • I used Guatemalan Fabric from http://www.littlemangoimports.com to construct my yo-yos
  • The best yo-yos take time
  • I used wire instead of embroidery thread (I will use thread next time)
  • I had trouble not losing the beads inside the yo-yo (solution: dab of hot glue)

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  1. oh yes...love the yo-yo's. i've cheated and used the clover tool!